Gotta be February!

My inbox has several (s.e.v.e.r.a.l.) notes from Sistahs in the Lord that are struggling with homeschooling.  They are trying to discern if that hand that appeared and wrote on their dining room wall, “Thou shalt homeschool thy children” might have been an accident or somebody’s idea of a joke or even a misdirected delivery, something … Continue reading

What is THAT?

Organic school….what is it and what does it look like?  Well, for the Clark household, it looks like  life.  It looks like children doing chores, it looks like siblings taking care of one another, it looks like family members talking and sharing thoughts, ideas and struggles.  It just looks real.

Anapauo and inadvertently – Clark homeschool Part…whatever

As the Lord and my snoozing baby and I studied anapauo – rest – the thing I noticed that the Lord was giving rest from THE MOST was our enemies. “My enemies, Lord?  I understand that the devil is my enemy, a roaring lion seeking to devour me and his minions desire to see me … Continue reading

Homeschooling…..and the King

I feel I have the incredible privilege of calling Michelle Miller, author of TruthQuest History Guides, friend and mentor.  She has delighted me with her humor, she has challenged me with her humility and she has blessed me with her wisdom. Last fall, she shared this with the loop of TruthQuest and I have obtained … Continue reading

Keep your hands and arms inside The Box until your life comes to a complete stop (Homeschooling Adventure Part III)

It was 2:15 am.  We were woken with the running of child-like feet into our room, “DAD!  DAD!  Wake up!!” I pause in my story to tell you, it was a Tuesday night, so Jeff had to be up for work at his normal 3:15 – 3:30. I will also add, we didn’t have any … Continue reading

Brains in a blender (Homeschooling adventure Part II)

I get motion sick. I get motion sick BAD. When I took the boat out to look at the wreckage at Pearl Harbor, I laid on the floor of the boat, with a bag. (With people stepping over me!) I begged to be allowed to swim back to shore, rather than endure another boat ride. … Continue reading


It was official. We were homeschooling. Clarkette #1 was 4. There was no reason we shouldn’t be doing school…all day long. So do it, we did. Every day, day in and day out, we did school. It didn’t matter that she didn’t love doing it – we don’t do school because we love it, we … Continue reading

Gniog uoy era erehw

Ahhhh, the old joke of men never being willing to stop for directions…I know it well. I live it. On a trip back from Naperville, IL, where I grew up, Jeff and I were disagreeing over which way to turn on the toll road. He won. All the way I kept asking, “This doesn’t look … Continue reading

How being pro-life changed my homeschool

We were newly engaged, Jeff invited me to a dinner he was attending. He didn’t indicate what it was about, but I knew it was a dinner “meeting.” The dinner was okay. (We’re talking frozen Banquet chicken, folks, not stellar – but when you’re in college WHO CARES?!!) 😉 When it was over, the speaker … Continue reading

Home grown and organic, another bushelful

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Over and over, as I would seek the Lord in prayer regarding our home schooling, this is the verse that would come to mind.  It made no (read: Z.E.R.O.) sense to me.  What did … Continue reading