The Kingdom of God

Last week in a phone conversation with two of our mentors, they posed the question “What does the Kingdom of God have to do with your day today?” I don’t know about you, but when people ask those kinds of questions at the end of a busy day, I always have a moment of wishing … Continue reading

The earth moved under my feet…

Have you ever had one of those moments where something happens and if someone else were watching, they wouldn’t have seen a thing that earmarked that as a momentous occasion, and yet….you knew that your life was just changed?


With a father who was instrumental in much of the cutting edge computer technology, GIGO was a term that I grew up with, thinking that it was commonplace. I remember the first time I used it in context – in a setting where people other than family were about. It was at school. I saw … Continue reading

CAUTION! Falling and shifting paradigms. Enter at your own risk!

I have typed up 7 next posts. S.E.V.E.N. and have deleted every one of them. (Two of them had killer titles, too. Man) 😉 SO, here’s my question for you – what are YOUR questions, if any, now that I’m sent us all **shwloop**-ing? (whimsy’s onomatopoeia for having our paradigms shifted.)

What kind of list do you have? A “can’t do” or a “to do”?

You know what? You can’t do all the things that are in your day. You can’t. You may be smart, you may be strong, but you simply can’t do them. You can’t do the laundry, keep up with the baby, read to the children, run after the dog, keep the sidewalks shoveled, sort through the … Continue reading

Choosing the good portion….

(If you are coming here first, may I please request that you go back and read the post before this one? I think you will find it to be more helpful if you do, as this is really the continuation of “Distracted with much serving.”) The year before last, we went to the Upper Peninsula … Continue reading

A Biblical Alternative to Perfectionism

There were 4 of them….bushels of peaches, I mean. They were completing them with speed and efficiency. I was quite impressed, not to mention rather convicted. You see, I had just thrown a 1/2 bushel of beans away, because we hadn’t gotten them put up before they went bad. She was doing her peaches with … Continue reading

Coffee and tea…or me?

I believe God created men differently from women. I believe that He did this to allow for mankind to more fully reflect the glory and character of God. I believe that there is some reflection of God, Elohim – Creator – that resides in women in one way that is generally different from men. I … Continue reading

Who is coming to dinner? Part Two

I know she could handle the crowd. Granted, life had been hectic recently, what with the revival going on and all – but STILL she was an old pro at hospitality, she was older with no children in her home, she’d done it for years! Naturally all the rain did mean that there were footprints … Continue reading

Who is coming to dinner? Part One

It’s later in the day, the phone rings – it’s your hubby.  He and the Boy Scouts, who have been out camping for the last 4 days, are headed home. They have had a horrid time. It’s been cold, it’s been wet and their food was eaten by a bear.  They miss their families and … Continue reading