The importance of speaking the same language

He says, “I’d rather we not.”  She hears, “My preference is that we don’t do that, but we could….”  He means, “I do NOT want to do that, there’s football on.” He says, “We can do that this weekend, if you’d like.”  She hears, “Sometime this weekend I will make that a priority for you.”  … Continue reading

Putting my life where my mouth…uh, fingers are

I am sitting here with tears welling in my eyes.  I am being pressed to the wall and my flesh is screaming and writhing and somewhere out there, the Lord assures me is someone else who will wholly understand what I’m describing and my words will encourage them.  So, for whatever sister that is – … Continue reading

Say What?

It was the February I was going to school full time, working full time and in order to keep my theatre scholarship, I needed to work part time on stage. Because of this insane schedule – I was catching a bus to school at 6 am and coming home on the 9 pm bus OR … Continue reading


It was before sunrise one January morning when I saw her at her worst. She was wearing her normal ratty brown tweed coat, the one with the velvet collar and cuffs that had been worn threadbare. Her gloves were mismatched, her hair a rat’s nest of tangles and bed fuzz and she was frantic.

Though we adore men individually….

The first Saturday morning, in our new little (operative word being little – but hey, we’d been living with my folks for the previous 2 months, so little was the new big) (apologies to Seth Godin) apartment. I wanted to be a good wife, so I made Jeff pancakes and bacon, with juice and coffee.

Strap it on

Our friend Tom Harmon uses this phrase, any time he’s getting ready to take something “tough” on. Next week, in the midst of Christmas prep, something will happen that will mean little to most folks, but to those in this house, it will be a big deal. Jeff and I will celebrate 24 yrs of … Continue reading

The North versus the South?

On day while I was working in my office (switchboard) a guest lecturer came up to ask me some questions regarding the location of her teaching session.  There was another  woman there, cleaning my office (and I use this term loosely – it was a 6 x 8 glass fronted box with a large desk … Continue reading


I can hear the washer running, the dryer thumping and the coffee pot clicking. (Does anyone else’s pot do that??) The birds are singing, the air is heavy with the anticipation of rain. Still, it is cool and there is a delicious breeze. Best of all? Jeff is sitting right here by me and it’s … Continue reading

Smelling like my man ~ (In a GOOD way!)

Several years ago a dear friend of ours suffered a major heart attack and died.  He left behind his wonderful wife and 3 children.  Ted and Suzy just always seemed to fit so well together.  They were such an incredible team.  It just didn’t seem like Suzy could possibly continue without the other half of … Continue reading

Tactical Ops Engineer

This last week has been very interesting. I have been reminded afresh of what a battle the Christian life is called to be. I can get caught up in the daily living and forget that this time here on Earth is really one of spiritual warfare. (I’m not just talking of one that would entail … Continue reading