My Favorite Thing..s

Coffee and a Muffin sure inspired me this morning – that and made me drool on my keyboard, but that is a digression. In this post…uh that would be the post under that TOO KEWEL coffee mug….oh wait, I am digressing again. (Like you’re surprised?!!) Because of her, I’m going to start my own meme. … Continue reading

Not important, but totally fun!

My dear Crystal bribed our children to videotape life in our household most mornings.  I am amazed to find that they got it to her, without our knowledge.  Enjoy it.  (Note, the dog looks EXACTLY like our Lucy dog.) 🙂 You’ll be shocked, no doubt, but perhaps you will have grace for us in the … Continue reading


I’ve been meme’d…gasp, you suppose one dies of such things?  Does one need House for such a thing?  (“Clean up on Javadawn!”)  : ) : ) So, here we go:1) One homeschooling book you have enjoyed?  ONE?!! Is this a joke?  That’s like asking me to pick one child…sigh…. Oh, I get it, one … Continue reading