Do you hear what I hear?

I remember the first time Jeff told me he loved me.  It took my breath away.  I thought that the world was going to tip and I was going to slide off the side.  How could this man feel that way about me?  It just was more than I could imagine. This morning, I experienced … Continue reading


It was hanging on the outside edge of the garage sale. It was beautiful and it was velvet and it was miserably hot – and I didn’t care. The little burgundy velvet, double breasted coat, with pearl buttons and a matching tie on bonnet style hat – why, it looked like something you’d have expected … Continue reading

How’s your prayer life?

I experienced something last night in my prayer life that was totally different from anything I’ve ever felt before. Before I try and put it into words that others can understand, I’d love to hear more about YOUR prayer life. What do you consider “normal”? What kinds of things do you pray for/about? Anything you … Continue reading

It’s official, I’m clever enough

Since our trip to Atlanta in August, I have been feeling…adrift.  Rudderless is the term that I’ve been using in my prayer closet. Before going to Atlanta, I was carrying what I call, a holy burden of prayer, for those that were coming “after” us into entrepreneurialism.  Since the beginning of the year, the Lord … Continue reading

Now, Where Was I?

ImsosorryImsosorryImsosorryImsosorry!!!!!  Life simply got away from me and I haven’t had a single time I could sit down and finish God’s story!!  And I assure you – it IS HIS story! So, where was I?  Oh yes, Friday morning – Jeff and I meeting for morning prayer – all snuggled together on the love seat.  … Continue reading

A prayer need to share

Many of you remember Molly Aley, from Choosing Home and Adventures in Mercy.  Molly’s son, Israel, had a bout with Kawasaki’s Disease some time ago.  They believe that he is having a relapse and would greatly covet prayer. Israel is almost 4 years old and he is in a lot of pain.  The greatest concern … Continue reading

What is the need?

Ladies – tornadoes, blizzards, hail and heavy rains – it appears to be raging all across the US.  Please, if you are aware of any needs – physical or prayer – please share them.  Allow us to help carry this. (For those of you in the direct path – Melanie, Michelle??, Sarah…whimsy, maybe?  Please check … Continue reading

From pastry to poodle – parables pour forth

(Hey, I’ve been sick – I’m allowed pathetic humor…more than normal, I mean…if we can call that humor.) (Please forgive me for all that I may offend with this story.  What I say I’m thinking, I would never do. These creatures have not endeared themselves to me, however – biting at my children, snapping at … Continue reading

Opportunity for prayer….

ReneeFL sent me this information: A couple of homeschool families were seriously touched by the tornado activity here in central Florida. Sixteen year-old Aaron Sluss (only child) lost both his parents when the tornado went through his neighborhood.  He had some surgery on a few non-life threatening injuries and appears to be doing well so … Continue reading


How can it be a large career to tell other people’s children about mathematics and a small career to tell one’s own children about the universe? How can it be broad to be the same thing to everyone, and narrow to be everything to someone? No; a woman’s function is laborious because it is gigantic, … Continue reading