There are moments in life…..

Have you ever been outside, at night, in the thick of a heavy snowfall?  You stand in the middle of the road, with the snow falling all about you….  The snow does something weird to the sounds, grabbing them before they can become full grown, smothering them with its fluffiness.  The light does something wonky, … Continue reading

Here, come share a cup of hot tea with me!

Man, is it cold!  It’s about 5 right now, with a wind chill. (I don’t even want to know what that wind chill is. Truly ignorance is bliss in this situation.)  SO, come on in, sit down here in my cozy little library and have a cup of tea with me.  (Or java, if you’d … Continue reading

The Guest Room

Growing up, my Grandmother always had a guest room.  It was reserved solely for guests.  No one ever went in there, unless they were the guest assigned to it.  (Or Grandma, who went in there and cleaned every so often.) Grandma didn’t store things she used with any kind of regularity in there.  She didn’t … Continue reading


where the sights get weirder every day Where the HAZMAT suits can sure look cute By the truck parked in our alley way! Indiana, ev’ry morn, my honey lamb and I Hang the laundry up and sip a cup Of what we thought was leg-a-lly dry!!! (Apologies to Mr Rodgers and Mr Hammerstein) This is … Continue reading

Whatchoo looking at? (Being a Kingdom Family VII)

When I was in high school, I performed in a play version of  “The Spiral Staircase”.  I played a mute girl who was living in a mansion helping to care for the invalid widow.  There were two sons and a nurse and Doctor living there as well. Jason, the lead male character, played Professor Albert … Continue reading

Thank you Danica :)

You found just the things I was hoping for. Once again, Danica has tracked down the images I was wanting for my blog and not only Gimped them just for me, but also added some fun touches to them….all while I snoozed.   🙂    I LOVE MY GEEKS!!!

Lost and Found

We have a regular computer ritual – she will nuzzle her curly blond hair up against my arm, then look up into my face, sigh and say, “We’re best friends, aren’t we Mommy?”  I lean over and smooch the top of her head and say, “That’s the way it should be in families, huh?  People … Continue reading


Being the mother of a precocious three year old (albeit less than one week having been three) is very interesting.  It is amusing.  Confusing.  Challenging.  Convicting. Our three year old should be in the process of being potty trained.  Note the use of the word “should.”  She is doing all that she can to avoid … Continue reading

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

The table isn’t set, but the dishes are on the buffet, waiting to be put out.  The menu is written out, recipe by recipe, so my helpers can all…well, help, naturally.  The groceries are purchased and tucked away in the pantry.  All it would seem is moving toward being ready for the holy-days….well, almost everything.

Perfectly Suited

When I got married and the Lord began to speak to me about being Jeff’s helpmeet, I had many sources trying to tell me what it meant. Some of them said that it meant that I could never be anything more than a tool in his toolbelt. Some said that it meant that I was … Continue reading