Remember when…..

Christmas time came and going to Grandma’s house was an adventure in sugar overload?  I’m SURE my Mom loved it!!  I know I did.  🙂   Grandma felt that anything less than 20 different types of cookies and 5 different types of candies was an indication of abject poverty.  AND if we didn’t have a fresh … Continue reading

One more thing for the day

Does anyone have a wonderful pumpkin spice cookie recipe that they could share?  I have now tried 3 of them and they’re all “okay” but I’m looking for one that someone has tried and loves. Not any too picky, am I?  😀

This blog is rated C for catastrophic

I understand that that what I’m about to share here is frightening and truly shocking, but please, bear with me….and have hope for me and with me of a safe and satisfactory resolution.

Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze! * (Our Cookie Party!)

Welcome! I hope you brought an appetite and a cookie recipe to share – if not, that’s ok – help yourself to any yummy ideas/recipes anyway – there’s ALWAYS enough cyber cookies for everyone!!

Cookie Party!!!

Consider yourself invited to a cookie sharing party.

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling

What? You only hear crunchy leaves and dried corn blowing in the breeze? Come on, gather up your imagination – we’re on our way to a GREAT holiday season.


Hey – you found me! I’m so glad you came – come on in – wander around – check out the archives. On the table over there is hot water for tea or cocoa, coffee in the Butler – and shortbread cookies* on the plate. (Daughter #2 made them – she loves to cook and … Continue reading