It’s Friday, what else would I be talking about?! :)

It’s Friday and at our house that means one thing – S.A.B.B.A.T.H. I can’t put into words how wonderful that is. I remember when I used to work outside of my home, I loved Fridays.  I could hardly wait to get out of there and onto the “pressing things” in my life.  In fact, I … Continue reading

Working for the weekend! (Part II)

Ah, sweet Sabbath.  Sabbath is a precious time, but as with many aspects of our life, it isn’t just going to happen and happen well, without some purposeful planning on our parts. As I shared earlier, Sabbath at our house is comprised of two things: preparation and celebration.  I already covered the first two aspects … Continue reading

Working for the weekend! (Part I)

It’s Wednesday already.  (For many it’s Ash Wednesday even – while important, not applicable to the fact that it’s Wednesday)  And at our house that means one major thing is taking place:  our attention has been turned to the weekend!!!  WOOT!!!

Honor the Sabbath day and keep it

Yes, I know Scripture says to keep it holy, but there are weeks that I have found it hard to just KEEP it, let alone keeping it holy.  Sigh….. However, a quick encouragement to you – since we’ve started this entrepreneurial adventure, we have been working such long hours that we’ve recommitted to aggressively keeping … Continue reading

Truffles or tossed salad? A Sabbath discussion

We have talkers in my house. We can all talk about nigh on anything. We have one mini javabean that can talk you into a stupor. She will talk to herself if no one else will listen – I guess we all will. We are talkers.

All My Sheets to the Wind!

Many times when I think of Sabbath, my mind is drawn to the “hassles” of preparing, the chaos of the last bit when we’re all racing to get to the dinner table. (Invariably some crisis happens at the last minute.) I think of the weariness that enters my bones when I finally sit down to … Continue reading

The Submissive Wife Speaks on Sabbath

Jeff has been talking about wanting to post on Sabbath for several weeks.  (That would be BEFORE he started blogging. LOL) We had ideas of linking our blogs together – ain’t gonna happen.  We have tried. But, here is my part of the discussion on Sabbath. Sabbath is a wonderful thing in our house….when it … Continue reading