Purchased ~

For most of her life, she knew well the phrase, “Bought with a price.” From as far back as she could remember the other workers loved to remind her she was a purchase, not free-folk. And though they took great delight in reminding her, they could do nothing to make her feel like a purchase. … Continue reading

Walking IN FAITH

Since I have been such a nag on so many occasions regarding health, I’ll spare you a diatribe today.  🙂  Instead, I will tell you that it is the last part of the Seven Strands of Walking In Faith. So, now, I’ve shared all seven strands with you – let me put some feet to … Continue reading

Can you equate?

It’s dark – the grass is damp with evening dew – the air is hot and sticky – and I’m standing there. I’m not moving, I’m just standing there, holding my jar….waiting. And waiting. And waiting. THERE! Over to the right of me is a single zap of light, shimmering in the dark of night … Continue reading

Helping Teens through the “tunnel” years – Whining Chap 8

If I could have received a dollar for the number of times I’ve heard “You just wait until they’re teenagers….”  We’ be discussing this chapter from a cruise that I paid for…for all of us!! If I could have a quarter for every time that people have told me that rebellion is totally required and … Continue reading

Walking in faiTh

Driving through a small neighborhood, filled with quaint little houses, we passed a tall dark mustachioed man talking to his short blond wife, holding a new baby.  The baby was obviously a girl and she was cuddled into the crook of the mommy’s arm. Suddenly, I was OVERCOME with emotion at the speed with which … Continue reading

Goofy question

Calling any other entrepreneurs – would you find it helpful to have book reviews with discussion questions included, for business/entrepreneurial books on the market? Thanks!

Walking in FaIth

You’re out shopping….there in front of you is THE perfect gift for your friend Sara.  It’s bright and sunny yellow – just like she is.  It’s got her favorite flowers on the front – and best of all it has coffee included.  It is a absolutely IDEAL.  What a joy to buy for a friend! … Continue reading