Seeker Sensitive

All day long, these few little verses have been “following” me around. I have been pondering on them and praying about them, asking Father to open the eyes of my understanding…. Advertisements

Help me unpack, would ya?

This morning in my quiet time, I was reading from Matthew (remember? Salad and truffles at this house, this week)

Knock, knock….

This evening, my family allowed me the privilege of wandering around catching up on a few blogs. (Javababy on my lap, poking the keys and pulling on the mouse kept this from being sheer bliss. 

Fuzz Therapy

Hello Friends, are you tired? rundown? listless?  Do you poop out at parties?  Are you unpopular?  Well, all your answers are in this new method of therapy….

No Ordinary Home C. 9 Discussion

is at Jen’s today! For those of you who haven’t found a book yet, I have posted an overview of this chapter – read it and jump into the discussion.  It’s a challenge.  (I say that every week, don’t I? Hmm.  That ought to tell me something, eh?) See ya at Jen’s!

Let’s Just All Remain Calm…..

I have a crisis on my hands, BUT I don’t want you to panic.

Keep Christ in Christmas

with Everyday Mommy!

No Ordinary Home – Chapter 9 overview

Winter – both physical and spiritual. A time of silence…. a time when it appears that all around us is dying or “on hold.” A time when “God seems as removed as the daffodils.”

A REALLY clever Mom speaks

Read how this Mom helped her son accomplish his work, persevere against his flesh, work on math AND have fun all at once.

Truffles or tossed salad? A Sabbath discussion

We have talkers in my house. We can all talk about nigh on anything. We have one mini javabean that can talk you into a stupor. She will talk to herself if no one else will listen – I guess we all will. We are talkers.