Location, location, location

When Danica was a little girl, Jeff used to put her up on his shoulders when we would go for a walk. She loved it up there. She would clap her hands and sing. Despite the fact that she was scared to be up so high, it was her favorite place to ride, because from … Continue reading


Okay, so I’ve got a rebellious 😉 daughter with purple streaks in her hair, I’ve gone wonky about time, money, stuff and God…and now THIS. The frosting on the cake, so to speak. Now, I’ve got a son who has been nailed by the police. Yep, the whole story came out last night at dinner … Continue reading

Perfectly Suited

When I got married and the Lord began to speak to me about being Jeff’s helpmeet, I had many sources trying to tell me what it meant. Some of them said that it meant that I could never be anything more than a tool in his toolbelt. Some said that it meant that I was … Continue reading


Just last week, I told a dear Sister that I feel deceptive continuing to blog here at Javadawn.  On the outside I look pretty much the same as I did when I started. (Although, thank you Lisa, I now have lighter hair)    😀 On the inside, I’m totally different…okay, maybe not TOTALLY different, but VERY … Continue reading

I’m (finally) growing up!

Do you have a moment when you look back at your youth and know that you just experienced a huge step in your maturity? All of time suddenly stood still and you knew, in that flash of a second, that you had just done something that was significantly more mature than you expected of yourself…and … Continue reading

Speaking a foreign language

When I was a little girl, we lived in Naperville while my Dad worked in Chicago.  Every day, he took a train into town.  I remember running down the tunnel to meet him at the end of the day and trying to make my 7 yr old legs keep up with his long strides, as … Continue reading