Okay, Who Besides Me….

wore white go-go boots, like my little photo there on the side?!!  I wore mine with a white fringed vest and a hot pink mini skirt.  (I was also under 10 at the time!)   😉 (I have a friend who admitted to wearing lime green fishnet stockings with her white go-go boots, but I won’t … Continue reading

Look – Over There – it’s a Red Striped Elephant!

Not too long ago, Jeff and I were doing a review of some of the “remakes” of Shakespeare movies we had seen, to determine which of them (if any) our children could watch.  (Granted, of course that there are several “levels” of children in our household.)  We got “Ten Things I Hate About You” to … Continue reading

Holy Week

For our family, yesterday marked the beginning of our Holy Week celebration. Over the past few years, we have begun to make Passover a key part of that celebration for our family.  We know that Passover and Easter frequently do not line up on our calendars, HOWEVER, several years ago they did. That week – … Continue reading

Another Question

Why did the Lord harden Pharaoh’s heart?

Eavesdropping with my eyes

My name is Dawn – and I am a lakeaholic. (Come on, it’s your cue – “Hi Dawn”) Furthermore, the man I am married to is a lakeaholic. If we are on a date and there is no where else we have to be/go we head to the lake. We drive by the lake, we … Continue reading

Light in Dark Places

My parents were not normal.  (That might be evident to those of you that know me well…maybe just at all.)    🙂 They started a game called, “Midnight Hide and Seek.”  This was a normal game of Hide and Seek -only it was played in the dark and the seeker carried a pen flash light. 

Scary Stuff….?

I’m sitting beside Jeff working.  He is staring gape mouthed at his feed for the stock market.  He can hardly believe what he is seeing.  The market is falling drastically and it will likely close the day lower than it has since October 2006.  That seems pretty scary. In addition to that, my inbox is … Continue reading

And the answer is…..

When Jeff returned and told me about his fall – er his walk, the Lord spoke something VERY powerful to me. It was in that still small voice that seems to echo in your spirit? (Know which one I mean?) 🙂

Vitally Important Question for you ~

Jeff loves taking a prayer walk in the morning.  It allows him to talk to, to hear from – and depending on where he’s walked to – to sing to Father.  He loves his morning walks. This morning, after the ice of yesterday, he fell many times.  Over and over he found himself slipping on … Continue reading

And many strokes, though with a little axe, Hew down and fell the hardest-timbered oak*

I am cleaning out my filing cabinet to make room for all the new work stuff that we are accumulating. There is one file, however, that will not be pitched no matter what else I might throw away! It’s my Boot File.